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At Springfields, we provide opportunities for our students where maximum exposure is given, essential ideas are sown and the fruits of great intellect and character are reaped.


At Springfields Kids:

With multiple intelligence we educate, Multi-faceted abilities we cultivate.

Springfields introduces ‘Multiple Intelligences’ in Early Childhood Education(ECE)!
Springfields School provides a blueprint for its students with a scientifically designed curriculum and faculty, trained to impart brain compatible methodology. Every aspect of learning and the conscious experience is connected to the way in which the brain processes information and experience. So in essence, all learning is brain based.

The theory of multiple intelligence was developed in 1983 by Dr.Howard Gardner, Professor of Education at Harvard University. It suggests that the traditional notion of intelligence based on I.Q. testing is far too limited. Instead Dr. Gardner proposed eight different intelligences to account for a broader range of human potential in children and adults. He proposes that each person has eight different intelligences that work together but exist with different strengths in different individuals.

One of the most important features of this theory is how it provides eight different potential pathways. The theory of Multiple Intelligence is so intriguing that it expands Springfields horizon of available teaching tools beyond the conventional linguistic and logistical methods used in most of the schools. Springfields School in Hyderabad makes the difference by adopting the principle of Multiple Intelligence & developed the technique to teach and learn by engaging all eight intelligences thus increasing the possibilities of students’ success. The curriculum is planned to enable every child to his/her respective intelligence.

Visual - Spatial Intelligence ("picture-smart"): painting, drawing, multimedia, visual-rich activities.

Naturalist Intelligence ("nature smart"): outdoor nature collecting, mapping, comparison of natural elements.

Intra-personal Intelligence ("self-smart"): self-paced independent work, exploration and reflection.

Linguistic Intelligence ("word smart"): storytelling, journaling, pre-reading word and letter recognition.

Bodily - Kinesthetic Intelligence ("body-smart"): dance, aerobics, drama, role playing, sculpturing.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence ("number/reasoning smart"): puzzles, manipulative, pattern games, number sequences.

Musical Intelligence ("music smart"): singing, humming, chanting, playing with instruments, role-play to enact stories and patterns.

ECE Activities Include:

Hands-on Concept Development
Story Telling
Music & Movement
Nature Exploration
Language Arts
Sand & Water Play
Drawing & coloring
Role Play