WELCOME TO Springfields High School

At Springfields High School, our primary objective is to provide an environment and educational experience that will enrich and contribute to the intellectual, social, physical, spiritual, emotional, and creative development of each child. In addition to promoting excellence in academics, we aim to mould our students into thinking, responsible and sensitive individuals, who will be excellent contributors to society.

Admissions Open 2024 - 25


At Springfields High School Bandlaguda, our students spend their days in this protected, self-contained environment with separate facilities for Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary grades, designed especially to suit the requirements of the students.

  • Smart Classrooms
  • Technology
  • Library
  • Computer Lab
  • Basketball Court
  • Cricket Pitch
  • Football Court

Where Minds Blossom

A child’s mind, particularly in its formative years is tender and receptive. It is like a fertile field, ready to spring forth. It is essential to cultivate such fields with great care for sustained growth. The school strives to provide the most appropriate atmosphere and inputs for the minds of the children, so that they have the opportunity to blossom - and yield fruit.

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Founder's Message

“Living Under The Rainbow - My Enchanted Life” is an illuminating testimonial of Mr. Bashiruddin Babukhan's enticing journey through the realms of life, depicting the colorful facets of experience. It is incredibly entertaining and complete with candid account of events.

Mr. Bashiruddin Babukhan

Anjum Babukhan


A perfect blend of excellence, leadership and intellectual accomplishments, Anjum Babukhan has to her educational credit, an honors in Psychology from Loyola University of Chicago, Illinois, USA.

The Person

Vibrant, Dynamic yet Simple

Anjum is respected for her high level of professional integrity, scholarly articulation and commitment to the cause of Education, Enrichment and Empowerment.

Creativity Passion and Excellence

Life At Springfields High School

Every effort is made to bring out the best in every child. The school provides a stimulating environment for children and encourages learning through active participation and interactive methods. All activities at school are made interesting and enjoyable in order to make learning a very stimulating and fun filled experience. In the act of learning, the child should have the opportunity to look at everything around him and interact with everything the colours, the shapes, the smells, and the sounds in this marvelously rich and diverse world of ours.

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