Registrations open for classes Nursery to X

The registration form is available from the school office and can be collected Monday to Saturday between 9:30 am and 3 pm.

The complete form should be submitted along with the following documents

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Kindly note:

Registration does not guarantee admission.

Parents will be notified of the date and time of evaluation interview / test.

Admissions are made on the basis of merit alone and not on the priority of registration.

At Springfields High School, we conduct a Competence Assessment to identify the learning needs of each individual child so that attention can be directed to him or her in a better way. The date, time & venue of the assessment will be informed to the parents after a review of the completed registration form. Subjects covered in the competence assessment include Math, English, Environmental Studies and Science and II language.

Interview schedule - The child will then be interviewed, along with the parents for a better understanding of background - to foster like-mindedness.

Within one week of registration, a pre-registration amount and a one time payment which is non-refundable should be paid at the school office.

Age Criteria for Admissions

2 years 6 months
Lower K.G.
3 year 3 months
Upper K.G.
4 plus
Class I
5 plus and so on

FEES Details:

Please contact the school office between 9.00 am - 3.00 pm

The first year after admission is probationary. Students may be asked to leave the school on grounds of indiscipline, irregular attendance, or failing twice in the same class.

If a child is withdrawn anytime during the course of the year, the fee for the remaining period of the year has to be paid before the issue of Bonafide and Transfer Certificate.


What syllabus does the school follow?
Springfields High School follows CBSE syllabus.
What is the teaching methodology of the school?
School follows Activity Oriented, interactive teaching-learning methodology with focus on hands on experience, group activities and internalizing of knowledge and skills. Our approach is holistic, every student actively participates in class activities and learning process. Our methodology draws mostly from Brain Compatible Learning and Multiple Intelligence.
Is physical education given importance in school?
Sports and Games are integral part of curriculum.
What co-curricular and extracurricular activities does the school provide?
Physical education, Music, cricket, football and athletics is a part of curriculum which promotes overall development and is a part of holistic education & Martial Arts : Karate, Gymnastics & Wushu
Does the school provide life skills education and value education?
Life skills development and value education is a part of the teaching programs. Our holistic education provides a platform to every student to acquire life skills -nurturing body, soul and mind. Students learn culinary art, table manners, pot painting, flower making and arrangements, stitching, embroidery and performing arts. Through community service programmes, learn to be socially responsible, visit old age homes, orphanage, visit under privileged schools, make efforts to preserve nature show concern for sensitive issues
What is the class strength?
Class strength will not exceed 30 students.
What is the assessment program?
Three Periodic Assessment tests and Two Term Exams. I term and II term
How do parents co-ordinate or meet the Teachers?
We consider our parents as partners in Education. They can meet teachers every day between 3:oo pm and 3.30 pm except Saturdays. Pre-primary teachers are available between 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm or on 3rd Saturdays or on Parent-Teachers Meets.
How important is discipline in school?
School lays a lot of emphasis on discipline; students learn to be Self Disciplined. Through our moral education, value and ethic based grooming and one minute talk in the morning assemblies helps students to imbibe principles of discipline and self respect.
What is the status of spoken English in school?
It is an English medium school, it is compulsory for staff and students to communicate only in English.
How is the mid -day meal program designed?
School Mid - Day meal porgramme is designed by nutritionists and dieticians. It is well planned and well balanced. We provide nutritious, satiating food. Everyday vegetarian food is provided. Non -veg food once in a week is a part of the menu, it also includes seasonal fruit and sweet.
What safety and security measures are taken in school?
The school takes the complete responsibility of the safety and security of the child throughout the school hours. Outsiders are not allowed in the campus. Fire safety norms are followed. CCTV cameras are installed in all the common areas of the building. In case of emergency medical aid is provided immediately. Medical and dental check up is a part of the school's health and hygiene program.