The School

Springfields High School

From the promoters of Glendale Academy, A BABUKHAN INITIATIVE

Nurturing Education Blossoming Lives

Cultivating Smart Learners through methods that Challenge and Stimulate Child Development.

“A synergy of rich heritage, strong roots & fertile environment to yield the full flowering of personality”

Springfields High School was launched on 19th March 2017. It is a Coeducational Day School, secular in character. Admissions are open to all irrespective of class, creed or community. Educating a child means nurturing a life. It is a delicate responsible task, and calls for sensitive understanding, gentle discipline and interactive tutoring to groom children into sensitive & logical human beings. We aim to provide education for life and equip the students with knowledge, skills, pragmatism and values to face the challenges of ever changing global world and emerge as leaders of tomorrow in a balanced harmonious way. Pioneer in Multiple Intelligence & Brain compatible learning, Springfields High School with CBSE Curriculum at Bandlaguda with sprawling Grounds has Infrastructure of High school standards and a wide array of facilities.

At Springfields High School, we teach children to believe in themselves, discover their strengths and nurture their potential. We provide opportunities for children to develop into confident, competent individuals. The ability of the students to communicate from a public platform to audience is amazing and the result of grooming, nurturing at our Schools and the activities conducted are oriented towards building strong personality.